2 Corinthians 11


Joel King


2 Corinthians 11:1-33


· Paul feels deeply that he is responsible for the spiritual health of the Corinthians
· His desire is that they remain faithful only to God
· But they have been led astray like Eve was in the garden
· They have fallen for different versions of who Jesus is, who the spirit is, and what the gospel is
· Paul feels that his teaching is as important and authoritative as these deceiving teachers who have referred to themselves as super apostles
· He may not be an eloquent speaker but he knows the truth
· He asks them if it was wrong for him not to claim his right as an apostle to get paid, but rather share the good news and do the ministry for free
· He preached to them living off of the support of other churches
· He was in no way a burden on them because the Christians in Macedonian supported him while he was in Corinth
· He can boast in this, it is evidence of his love for them
· He doubts that these false teachers can say the same for they have collected much money for their so called ministry
· He says that these men are false teachers, disguised as apostles
· He compares them to Satan who masquerades as an angel of light
· Like the one they serve, Satan, they are masquerading as apostles
· Paul doesn’t want to boast, but he does to make his point
· He points out that they have let these false teachers bully them into believing these untruths
· Like them he is Jewish
· He is Christian like them, but more so because unlike them he has suffered much for the sake of the gospel (he gives a large list of these sufferings)
· He also feels the pressure of concern for all the churches he has been involved with
· In the middle of this he has remained strong for Christ
· Paul had started into Damascus against Christians, but needed to leave snuck out in a basket because of his faith


· An authentic spiritual leader does more than just teach the people, he cares for them deeply
· Many will try and exploit the faith of believers for their own gain
· The church must watch out for charlatans who are persuasive, engaging teachers, but ultimately are just trying to line their own pockets.
· Those who live teaching the gospel have the right to receive their livelihood from those who benefit from that gospel.
· If receiving support from new believers hinders the spread of the gospel, more mature churches should fill the gap until that new church is established.
· We must be bold and stand firm in the face of those who would teach anothyer gospel than what is taught in God’s Word.
· Remember, Satan’s cohorts will disguise themselves as “good, dynamic, Christian teachers.”


Help us be wise in who we follow and listen to. Open our eyes to spiritual charlatans who tell us what we want to hear so that we might contribute to their empire of iniquity. Help me as a shepherd and pastor, teach and lead the flock well that they might be able to identify a counterfeit from the real thing. May your truth, your grace, your freedom, and your will be known and done in our lives. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN

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