19 Matthew


Ernie Morales


Matthew 19:1-30


  • Jesus was in the region of Judea and the Pharisees asked him about divorce to try to trap him
  • Jesus then explains that marriage is between male and female and then quotes scripture that the man should leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife
  • They asked a question about the law of Moses and Jesus explained that it wasn’t God’s intention that divorce is only permitted if the wife has been unfaithful
  • One day parents brought their children to Jesus but the disciples scolded them.  Jesus corrected the disciples and allowed the children to come
  • A rich young man asked Jesus about what he needed to do to have eternal life
  • Jesus told him to keep all the commandments and the man said he has been
  • Jesus then challenged him to go sell everything and follow Him.  The young man walked away sad after this
  • Jesus said it is hard for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, which surprised the disciples
  • Peter spoke up and said they have given up everything to follow Him so what will they get
  • Jesus responded by letting him know that he will be one who will sit on one of the twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel
  • Jesus then said that anyone who ahs given up everything for Him will receive 100 times as much in return and eternal life

It’s interesting that there were two topics that were brought up that are still talked about today.  Divorce and in their conversation Jesus clarified that marriage is between a man and a woman.  However, people are the same and are always looking for a loophole to do it their way.  They referred to the law of Moses but Jesus went on to explain that was not God’s intention.  This also seems to be the case with the rich young man.  He said he kept all of the commandments, which would have been impossible.  However, Jesus didn’t address that.  He went straight to the young man’s issue, which was that his possessions owned him.  The disciples were surprised because rich people were looked upon as being blessed by God and that God was pleased with them.


As I read these different stories, I see that the heart of God is restoration.  He first addresses it with marriage.  His intention is not that we divorce but that He restores us.  Then we see His love for us with the children.  Then He gets to the heart of the situation with the rich young ruler.  His desire was that the young man would see his own heart and surrender to Jesus and follow Him.  I look at the heart of God and have to look at all areas of my life to see if my heart is restoration.  Do I approach people at home, work, family, friends with this intention?


Lord I want Your heart.  Change my heart to Yours.  You have restored so much in my life and I want to be known as someone who approaches things the same way.  You love us and draw us to you.  You are faithful and never quit on us.  I praise You and worship You only.  In Jesus name.

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