14 Revelation


Karen Miller


Revelation 14:1-20


  • There are 144,000 with the Lamb
    • They have the Lambs name and the name of His Father written on their foreheads.
    • They sang a new song which only they could learn
    • They were purchased from the earth and from among men
    • They had not been defiled among women and kept themselves chaste
    • They follow the Lamb wherever He goes
    • There was no lie in their mouths
    • They were blameless
    • They were first fruits to God
  • There were three angles who had messages to share:
    • The first angel had an eternal gospel to preach to every tribe and nation
    • The second angel spoke of the fall of Babylon the great who made the nations fall into immorality.
    • The third angel warned people that they should not worship the beast or receive his mark or they will experience the wrath of God.  They will be tormented with fire and brimstone. The smoke of their torment will last forever and ever and they will have not rest day or night.
  • The saints who persevere will be blessed.
    • Dying will be a blessing; then they will rest from their labors and their deeds will follow them.
  • Lastly there were two reapers…
    • The first was sitting on the cloud and looked like the son of man
    • The second was an angel and he reaped grapes for wine pressing the wrath of God
  • Application

    • Be like the 144,000.  Be chaste; follow Jesus wherever He asks; be honest and blameless.
    • When the time comes, don’t worship the beast or receive his mark
    • Persevere, keep the commandments of God and faith in Jesus
    • Know there is a terrible judgment to come.   Be bold now to save as many as possible.


    Lord,  I would love to imitate the example of the 144,000.   Help me to be pure and blameless.  Help me to be honest and hold to the truth always.   Help me to follow Jesus wherever He asks.   And Lord there is a judgment to come.  I know that you long for all to come to repentance.   I pray that many in North Sunnyvale, and Silicon Valley and beyond would come to know You and that You would grant them salvation.   Help us to be bold and courageous to share Christ with those who don’t know you.  Open doors for the gospel.  Move in power to save those who are lost.  Amen.

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    1. Jim Asselin wrote:
    Thanks Karen,
    in the midst of all of this supernatural activity and influence is a picture of God's people, faithful and patient. Those qualities stem from trust
    , trust that God will accomplish his plan and that he wants me to be part of it. And my message like the Angel's message is an eternal one, transcending education, ethnicity, culture, gender, politics - all of the things we see as barriers or excuses are a demonstration of a lack of faith in the eternality of God's plan and purpose. Father, forgive me for my pride which communicates "me first" make my concerns yours and help me to vigilantly assess and address my laziness, contentment with ease, and my sins of commission and omission. Make me an eternal servant of yours.

    Mon, December 21, 2015 @ 9:39 AM

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