14 Mark


Mark Ramirez


Mark 14:1-72


  • A few days before the Passover, the religious leaders are plotting on how to arrest Jesus and kill Him without starting a riot.
  • While at Simon the Leper’s house, a woman comes and pours perfume on Jesus’ head. Some present rebuke her and say that she should have sold it and given the money to the poor.
  • Jesus rebukes them and tells them that the poor will always be around but she anointed Him for burial as He would not always be present with them. Because of what she did, the story of what she did would always be told/remembered.
  • Judas Iscariot, one of the 12, told the religious leaders that he would betray Jesus for a price and started to look for opportunities to do so.
  • Later, the disciples need to prepare a place for the Passover and ask Jesus where he would like them to set up. He tells them to go into Jerusalem and they will follow a man carrying a jug of water. The man will enter a house and the owner of the house will show them a room furnished and ready for the Passover. And they found everything just as Jesus had told them.
  • That night, as they are enjoying the meal together, Jesus tells them that one of them will betray him. He then explains that one who is present and dips their bread into the bowl. He takes the bread, explaining that it is his body. He takes the wine, explaining that it is his blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many. After singing a hymn, they leave for the Mount of Olives.
  • On the way, Jesus warns them that they will all abandon him, but after he rises they should look for Him in Galilee. Peter tells him that even if everyone else fails he will remain faithful. But Jesus tells him that before the rooster crows two times Peter will have disowned Jesus 3 times. Peter insists that even if he has to die he will never disown Christ.
  • While at Gethsemane, he tells his disciples to wait and pray. Going a little farther from them, Jesus cries out to the Father that the cup would be taken from Him, but ultimately the Father’s will would overrule Jesus’ desire.
  • When He returns to the disciples, He finds them asleep and tells them to watch and pray so that they do not fall into temptation, because the spirit is willing, but the body is weak.
  • After returning a third time to see them sleeping, Judas arrives with a mob to arrest Jesus. He is arrested and taken before the Sanhedrin. As the religious leaders come together to pass judgment, many people come giving false testimony about things He had said and done.
  • Eventually the high priest asks Jesus if He is the messiah, to which Jesus replies in a very powerful way, yes and you’ll see me at the right hand of the Mighty One coming on the clouds of heaven. The religious leaders erupt in anger claiming He has spoken blasphemy and start to beat Him.
  • While in the outer courtyard, Peter gets asked 3 times if he is a follower of Christ, denying it aggressively every time. After the third time he calls down curses on himself and swears to them that He does not know Jesus. Immediately after that he hears the rooster crow and remembers Jesus’ words about betraying him, and he breaks down and weeps.


The part that I am going to focus in on is during Jesus’ time at Gethsemane. Even though He was overwhelmed with sorrow, He pursued the Father’s will and would not give up meeting with Him. He surrendered His own desires for the plan that was already set before Him. Meanwhile, the disciples were so tired that they could not go an hour praying without falling asleep. To which Jesus tells them that the spirit is willing, but the body is weak.

Instead of saying, “nap for a little bit, and then continue to pray”, He urges them to continue to pray that they would not fall into temptation. He urges them to not give up, that though their bodies may be tired, they should side with the willingness of their spirit.

So often in my own life, I am willing within my spirit, but the weakness of my body wins. After a long day, my spirit is willing to serve others like Jesus would, but my body wants to be selfish and look after my own desires first. Siding with the willingness of my spirit takes a decision that I am usually not willing to take.


Jesus, I recognize that my body is weak, but the Spirit you have given me is willing to do great things. Would you give me the strength to say no to myself and yes to others, even when my body is weak and unwilling. May I be transformed more and more into the likeness of your Son. Amen.

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1. Jim Asselin wrote:
Amen Mark,
My spirit is willing and my will is weak as well. I was reading in V 31 how Peter emphatically made such bold statements regarding his commitment to Jesus but when the time came to deliver he chose safety and sided with the crowd. I wonder what the world thinks when they hear a profession of faith from the lips of believers (myself included) but when true commitment and faith are needed, nothing is there to inspire, no great sacrifice or investment is made, nothing is there to prove the power of the spirit of God in a believer's life.
Father, give me strength to trust what you say, that you're good, and your love is great, that it offers more than what the world delivers and that being in a dangerous position as an ambassador of your kingdom is good and impactful. May I (we) display real faith that inspires, that multiplies, that is rooted deeply, and that is eternal, looking beyond at the greater, holier, more satisfying view that you offer us.

Mon, August 3, 2015 @ 7:48 AM

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