13 John


Mark Ramirez


John 13:1-38


  • It is right before the Passover and Jesus knows He’s about to return to Heaven. Because He loved them, He would love them until the very end.
  • During the meal, the devil had already prompted Judas to betray Jesus. Jesus knew that all power had been given to Him so He decided to take the form of a servant.
  • Having removed the outer garments and grabbing a washbasin, He started to wash the disciples feet.
  • Peter asks Jesus if He’s going to wash his feet. Jesus explains that Peter won’t understand at the time, but will later.
  • Peter refuses to let Jesus wash His feet and Jesus explains that if He does not wash Peter’s feet, Peter will not have any part with Him.
  • After the foot washing, Jesus explains that just as their Lord and Teacher washed their feet, they should wash each others’ feet.
  • No servant is greater than his master, no messenger is greater than the one who sent him.
  • Those who do this will be blessed.
  • Jesus explains that in order to fulfill Scripture, one of them is going to betray Him.
  • Jesus tells Judas to do whatever He needs to do, but everyone else doesn’t understand what He meant.
  • After Judas leaves, Jesus tells the rest that He and the Father will be glorified. Though they will look for Him, they will not be able to find Him.
  • A new command He gives them (us), love each other as He loved them.
  • By loving like this, people will know that they are His disciples.
  • Peter protests and asks to follow, Jesus explains that they will follow later.
  • Finally Peter says he would lay down his very life for Jesus and Jesus replies saying that Peter will disown Him three times.


It is hard to love people sometimes; even people who are fellow disciples of Christ. However, I am called to love my brothers and sisters no matter what. No matter what their theology may be, no matter their life decisions/mistakes, no matter what kind of mood they are in that day, I am called to love. This takes more than my own will/power. I need the Spirit moving inside of me to help love more than I can on my own.


Jesus, you love everyone in the whole world far more than I ever could. Please give me eyes to see and a heart for those I like and those I dislike. May I love extravagantly, beyond what I could even imagine, so that others might see and desire You. Amen.

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