11 John


Mark Ramirez


John 11:1-57


  • Jesus’s friend Lazarus becomes deathly ill. His sisters, were Mary and Martha. Mary was the one who wiped Jesus’s feet with her hair and anointed Him with perfume.
  • Upon hearing the news, Jesus says Lazarus’ sickness will not end in death, but in the glory of the Father that will glorify the Son.
  • Even though He loved this family, he waited two days after He received the news.
  • The disciples are afraid to return to Judea, because there are still people out there who want to kill Jesus.
  • Jesus explains that Lazarus has fallen asleep and needs to be woken up, which the disciples interpret as something Lazarus will recover from. Jesus then plainly tells them that Lazarus is dead and it is better that He does His work now.
  • Thomas looks at the other 11 and says “let us also go that we may die with him”. Even though their options looked limited and bleak, Thomas recognized there was no where else to go.
  • Jesus arrives in Bethany and Martha runs to meet Him. She expressed belief that Jesus can do anything and she knows Lazarus will live again during the resurrection.
  • Jesus replies explaining, “I am the resurrection and the life” those who believe will live even though they die. He asks if she believes and she says she believes He is the Christ.
  • Martha returns to tell Mary to come. Weeping, Mary comes and tells Jesus that if He had been there Lazarus would not have died.
  • Seeing her sorrow and that of others with her, Jesus was deeply moved and troubled in His spirit. Jesus wept for His friend Lazarus.
  • The crowd were surprised at how much Jesus loved this man and wondered if He could have saved him.
  • Arriving at Lazarus’ tomb, Jesus commands the stone to be rolled away. He prays to the Father in the presence of everyone so they might see and believe what is about to happen and understand that Jesus was sent from God.
  • Then he orders Lazarus to come out of the grave, and the dead man walked out.
  • Many believed that Jesus was the Christ and some people went and told the religious leaders what had happened. Outraged at what He was doing by leading the people astray, the religious leaders thought of ways to take care of Jesus.
  • Caiaphas, who was the high priest at the time, prophesied that Jesus would have to die for the nation of Israel and the children of Israel scattered amongst the nations. His death would bring them all together and make them one. So from then on they plotted to kill Jesus.
  • Jesus then removes himself from the public and goes to the outskirts to spend more time with His disciples.
  • As Passover neared, they waited to see if Jesus was going to show up.


Timing is everything. If Jesus had gone too soon, no one would have witnessed the resurrection of Lazarus. Had the religious leaders plotted sooner, Jesus would have left too early in His ministry and less miracles would have happened. I want to be on board with God’s timing and not rush into things thinking they need to happen as soon as possible. I want to recognize the opportunities I’ve been given as well as the timing of those opportunities.


Father, you have a plan for everything and you have a specific timing for your plans. I pray I would be more in tune with you so I might better align with your plans. Help me to recognize when I need to move and when I need to wait. Help me not to neglect the ministry opportunities you have provided me. Amen.

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