10 John


Mark Ramirez


John 10:1-42


  • Jesus teaches the crowd using a metaphor about sheep. He explains that sheep recognize their shepherd as one who comes through the proper entrance and one whose voice they recognize.
  • Strangers and robbers are unable to lead sheep away, because their voice is not that of the shepherd.
  • Jesus explains that He is the gate to the sheep pen. It is through Him that people can enter and be saved.
  • The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy.
  • Jesus came so that people might have life, and have it to the full.
  • Jesus also explains that He is the Good Shepherd, who lays down His life for the sheep.
  • It is only the Shepherd who is willing to give all for His sheep. Hired hands do not fully care about the sheep and will flee at the sign of danger.
  • The Good Shepherd knows His sheep and His sheep know Him. Jesus claimed to have other sheep (separate from the sheep of Israel) which He would have to collect, so that the flock might be complete.
  • The Father loves the Son and has commanded Him to lay down His life so He might take it up again. Jesus has the authority to do this.
  • At a later time, during the Feast of Dedication, Jesus has returned to Jerusalem and people ask how long He’s going to wait to reveal whether or not He is the Messiah.
  • He replies explaining that the miracles He performed were testimony enough, but they refused to believe because they were not His sheep.
  • Jesus’ sheep know His voice and He gives them eternal life. They cannot be snatched from His hand or from the Father’s hand.
  • The Jews pick up stones to kill Him and Jesus asks for which miracle are they going to kill Him for. They reply they will stone Him not for any miracle, but for His blasphemy claiming divinity.
  • Jesus points out that in Scripture the Word once referred to some people as “gods”, how much moreso is the One who has been sent by God.
  • If they do not believe Him, they should at least believe the miracles He performed.
  • But, they refuse to listen and try to get a hold of Him, but they are unable.
  • Jesus then goes to the other side of the Jordan where John was baptizing. Many people believed the testimony of John and believe in Jesus,


One thing I grabbed from this chapter is the need to listen to Jesus. Some listened, believed, and received life while others refused to believe and did not receive life. If I am a sheep of Jesus, I should be open to what my Shepherd has to say and be obedient to it. Do I recognize His voice? Or does it get drowned out by the world around me? I need to spend time this week listening to His voice so I might follow Him better.


Jesus, I praise you for being my Good Shepherd. I know that you do not want harm to come to me. You protect me and I know I am safe in your hand. Please help me to hear your voice better. As I spend time this week trying to listen, I pray you would remove distractions and allow me to hear you. It is in your precious name I pray, amen.

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1. jim Asselin wrote:
Thanks Mark
Some of the strongest statements in scripture regarding salvation are verses 27-30. No one (including me) will snatch me out of God's hand, we have eternal life and we will never perish.
Father, help me to recognize Your voice among the many counterfeit voices that compete for Your glory. Let me not bow down to another compelling worldview or philosophy, but to recognize it and reject it outright, not giving it the time of day. Do for me what I cannot do for myself, and give me ears to hear Your voice and to follow.

Wed, November 4, 2015 @ 6:55 AM

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