1 Timothy 5


Dave Bruechert


1 Timothy 5:1-25


- From Chapter 4, we know that Timothy is a young leader.
- Treat and rebuke others as if they were family.
- Families of widows should take care of them.
- The church should take care of widows who don’t have family.
- The widows the church should help are the older ones who exhibited godly behavior.
- Younger widows should remarry, so they don’t become idle and busybodies.
- Elders are worthy of double honor.
    o Even more so for those that preach and teach
- Elders are held to a higher accountability
    o Accusations need to be brought by two or three witnesses (not just one).
    o If correction is needed, it is done more publicly.
- Keep yourself pure.
- Take care of your health.


The section on widows seems to be culturally dependent. This was written when women did not have much opportunity to financially support themselves and were dependent on their husband. How do these principles apply to our culture? We should all take care of our own families, especially as they get older. Since there is another layer of government assistance available, those at the church making decisions on whom to help need wisdom. With the government doing some of what the first century church did, is there anything the 21st century church could do differently with the resources we would have been using to take care of widows?


Father, help me to take care of those in my family who are widows and older. Help me to not get so busy living my life that I don’t even think about them. Help us as a church to wisely use our resources to help those in need.

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1. Jim Asselin wrote:
Thanks Dave,
This brought to mind how the church ought to compel one another within it to make amends with family, to forgive old hurts and scars, sometimes it is a mere matter of pride that prevents this from happening. Why do it? Because the charge in this chapter is pretty clear on how family ought to respond to one another. It's not just a matter of the church taking care of someone when family could do the job - after all God has all the resources available - it's a matter of the heart and trusting in God, growing in God, and definitely part of discipleship.
And again, I am very thankful for our elders.

Thu, July 2, 2015 @ 6:46 AM

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