1 Timothy 4


Joel King


1 Timothy 4:1-16


· The Holy Spirit has revealed that there will be those who claim to have faith but are really following demons, their conscience is dull, and they will make rules that are contrary to what God has done. Rules like not marrying or abstaining from special foods.
· In order to be considered a good servant of Christ, teach the truth you have learned to others. Don’t get caught up in Christian myths and special spiritual service or rules. Rather train your soul, it is much more beneficial than training the body, and the results are eternal.
· Concentrate on the hope we have in the living God who saves all those that believe, stake your life on it
· The young pastor Timothy is supposed to teach and command those in the body to follow these teachings. He needs to set the example himself with the way he talks, loves, treats others, and lives out his faith. He is to devote himself to reading and preaching God’s Word, and continue to use and develop the gifts he was given by the Holy Spirit
· If he is diligent and gives all his effort to this, so that others can see him grow, he will not only save himself (through Christ) but others will follow as well.


· Don’t look for a magic pill or approach. Seek God and live by faith every day, in everything, with your eyes on eternity.
· We need to read, teach, and practice the Word of God.


Continue to draw me closer to you. Help me live by faith, be an example to others, and may my days end not only knowing you but leading others to do the same. In Jesus Name I Pray. AMEN

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1. Jim Asselin wrote:
Thanks Joel,
V 4 struck me this morning - Paul says that everything God created is good. How interesting that the reason it is good is because God created it, and if a worldview exists that God did not create it, then within that world view, it is not really good, or sacred, but a thing to be used for ones own gain - to be selfishly protected for ones own use, or abuse rather. So all of this forbidding, or abstaining, or adding to, are just another way of man's pride, the desire for control in this fallen world. I am so looking forward to and counting on our Redeemer to set things straight - not that it will necessarily be comfortable for me, but that it will reconcile all things in the way that they are intended to be by God who is all in all, completely complete and not lacking, but more that sufficient and worthy to carry out this task.

Wed, July 1, 2015 @ 8:49 AM

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