1 Peter 2


Joel King


1 Peter 2:1-25


  • Peter encourages the Christians to mature.  Don’t continue doing the same old hurtful and malicious things they did, but drink deeply from Christ and grow up spiritually.
  • He then gives them an object lesson about their new identity.  (For a Jew the place of worship was the Temple, and the person who helped you worship was a priest.)  Peter teaches that Christ is the cornerstone of this new Temple, it all rests on him.  His followers are part of the Temple.  Those who oppose Christ trip over the stone.  Likewise Peter declares our identity as Priests of the living God.  We each now represent him and help the world to know him.
  • With this new identity as a Priest of God, Peter encourages the Christians to as the priest is expected to do.  Reject evil living, live a life that points to God, so that all who observe you may praise your life of love whether they agree with you or not.
  • Part of living the example life of a priest is respecting those who are in authority.  Do not live a life of contention with leaders, but a life of love and service.  In doing so they will get a glimpse of God and what it means to live a life submitted to him.  Our spiritual duty as priests is to show respect to all: that means to God, to each other in the church, as well as our secular leaders.
  • Likewise, as priests who may serve a boss or another master, we should work with respect and submission.  This is especially true if the boss or master is a terrible leader.  By serving them we reflect the very nature of Jesus who suffered on our behalf.
  • Don’t forget when he was insulted, suffered, and beaten; Jesus did not retaliate but trusted God’s plan and justice. Jesus did this so that we might be free from our sins and able to live as priests who have been healed and made whole by Jesus. We were once astray and far from God, and now we are tasked with finding lost sheep and helping them become found rather than just protecting our “rights.”


  • I need to take some time and ponder whether I am maturing in Christ or I am stuck in childhood/adolescence.
  • Perhaps I need to write out on a 3x5 card “You are a priest of the most high God,” and tape it to my mirror.  Just to remind myself that this is part of my new identity in Christ.
  • I also need to review my relationships and evaluate whether I am living a life that draws people to Christ because I am living humbly, or whether they don’t see Jesus because of my self-service and pride.



Forgive me for being content with where I am at spiritually and not pursuing spiritual maturity with more fervor.  Help me embrace my identity as a representative of you not just at church but in my everyday life.  Continue to transform my identity as a holy priest.  Give me strength to live humbly and honor and respect others that they might see you in the way live my life.  In Jesus name I pray.  AMEN

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1. Jim Asselin wrote:
Amen Joel.
I think there are areas where I am maturing, but also wallowing in adolescence. The idea of - V5 - offering spiritual sacrifices seemed to be a litmus test for this and was explained to me within this passage by:
v6 trusting in him, v9 declaring his praises, v11 abstaining from sinful desires, v12 living good lives - doing good deeds, v13 submitting to authority, v16 living freely, v17 - showing respect, loving the family of believers, fearing God, honoring the emperor (leading governing authority), v18 submitting myself to my master (employer, client, etc.), v19-20 bearing up under and enduring suffering, even if unjust.
I will take your lead and ponder how I am maturing - if at all - in relation to these examples given today.
Lord Jesus, accept my meager spiritual sacrifices, may I offer more of them more frequently.

Fri, August 7, 2015 @ 8:31 AM

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