1 Peter 1


Kevin Werner


1 Peter 1:1-25


Peter extends God’s grace and peace to the believers who have been scattered across much of the known world, living as aliens; he encourages them that while it may feel random and unplanned, this is all part of God’s plan.  Also part of His plan is for us to be born again, not for a trouble-filled life on this earth but for a life that flows from Jesus’ death and resurrection.  Jesus died and came back to life; no one has ever done that; because He conquered death, so shall we.  That is our perfect inheritance no thief or decay can separate us from!  In the midst of the trials of life, this inheritance inspires us to praise God and love Jesus, Him whom we have not even seen!  So many believers before us have diligently preached this message in the past, before Jesus arrived; their faithfulness over the ages lets us not just hope but rather experience this inheritance on a daily basis!

Because of this, we are charged to ready our minds for action, and fix our hope on grace.  As children of God, we are called to leave behind the sinful habits that ensnared us and be holy, like Jesus.  When we talk to God it is good to remember we were bought, not with silver or gold, but with the precious blood of His Son, Jesus, who always has been and always will be.  God raised Him from the dead and glorified Him so that our faith and hope will be in Jesus alone.

By virtue of us being born again of the Holy Spirit, we are a new creation in Christ, free from the power of the Evil One.  Because of this, God calls us to selflessly love one another.  Not according to the ways of the world, which fades and withers, but love according to God’s word, love that is pure and true, love which, like God’s Word, lasts forever.


How many times do we feel that our lives have no purpose, no plan?  Especially as believers, we often feel like aliens living here in the Valley.  We yearn to live a simpler life, one copied from the Hallmark channel.  But that is not God’s plan; His plan is to use us in this complex, busy life that we call home to share His Good News with those around us in love.

The world has been waiting thousands of years to hear this message, and we are charged with sharing it!  Sharing it not in our way or our time or our plan, but in God’s way, God’s time, God’s plan.  Sharing this message with those around us is the ultimate form of love both for God and for our neighbors.  God is glorified and His praise multiplied by more people coming to know Him.  Sharing the Good News can feel awkward or scary, but when we share it as God leads and God plans, it just comes across as love, pure and simple.


Dear Father, thank you that you have every moment of our lives planned out, and that somehow when we selfishly go our own way your plans are still big enough and flexible enough to accommodate our disobedience while still accomplishing your purposes.  Thank you that nothing catches you by surprise.  Help us to realize that here and now is where you have planted us; open our hearts, minds, and eyes so we can clearly see who you call us to share your love with so that your praise is increased.  Open our hearts to know how we are loved by you so that we can share that same love with those around us.


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1. Jim Asselin wrote:
Thank you. I like what you prayed "open our hearts, minds, and eyes so we can clearly see who you call us to share your love with so that your praise is increased." It really is all about Him. Evangelism isn't a numbers game or a matter of our comfort level, it's about fulfilling His plan and an opportunity for Him to receive glory - and he is so worthy of it. let us not allow another dead voice where praise is due!

Thu, August 6, 2015 @ 6:42 AM

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