1 John 5


Karen Miller


1 John 5:1-21


John says children of God believe:

  • Jesus is the Christ
  • Jesus in the Son of God
  • The testimony of God concerning Jesus
    • Water (baptism? Cleaning and new creation?)
    • Blood (Jesus’ death – redemption, forgiveness, reconciliation)
    • Spirit (Evidence of God’s work in us)
  • In the name of the Son of God

When people believe they receive eternal life.

Those born of God:

  • Love the children of God
  • Love God and obey His commands
  • Overcome the world
  • Don’t willfully sin (it is now against their true nature)
  • Are set apart from the whole world who lies in the power of the evil one
  • God keeps him and the evil one does not touch him
  • Can ask anything according to God’s will and will receive it
  • Should pray for those in sin (not leading to death) and God will give them life
  • Should guard themselves from idols

Key verse: 1 John 5:12

Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.


  • Love the children of God!!
  • Don’t get discouraged by things going on in the world – Jesus will help us overcome the world!
  • Pray according to God’s will
  • Pray especially for our “brothers” committing sin that God will give them life.
  • Guard ourselves from idols


Lord, loving people is hard sometimes.   Please help me to love people well today.  Let me see them with your eyes, hear them with your ears, speak the words that you would speak – words that build up. And I pray I would have your heart for the people I encounter today.   I do ask that you would be bringing LIFE all over the place.   I pray for LIFE at Trinity.  Free us from sin.   Give us a faith that overcomes the trials and difficulties of the world.   Give our Trinity leaders all wisdom and love and unity, especially our pastoral staff.    And Lord, where we have idols, where we have put our hope in something else besides you, would you make that known to us.  And then would you free us from idolatry to love you more and love your children more.   I do also pray for our neighbors and those in our sphere of influence who don’t yet know you.   I pray that you would move in their lives and draw them to yourself so that they might believe you are the Christ, the Savior.   I pray that they would believe that you are the Son of God.   And I pray that they would receive your gift of eternal life.   May many come to a place of repentance and may many be added to your kingdom this year.   Amen.

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