1 John 3


Karen Asselin


1 John 3:1-24


John calls us friends—we’re in this together! And is imploring us to SEE that we are Children of God! And also as we grow in Him, there are greater things to come for us as we become more like him—pure, because even though we have sinned—if we truly know Jesus--He has taken our sin away; that’s why He came! We have our righteousness IN Him.  Jesus came to destroy the work of the Devil.  When he talks about Lawlessness, John is talking about a complete disregard for the ways of God, not just breaking a law as we struggle in this world. Though we may stumble, anyone who is born of God will not continue in sin forever. Later, John reminds us that we should love one another—in fact, we should be MARKED by this— This is how we know that we are His children, and shouldn’t be surprised if the world hates us.

Honestly, this is a very confusing text.  It even seams to contradict itself. In the first chapter of 1 John, he tells us that if we say we don’t sin, then we are liars.  But then here in chapter 3, after he tells us the good news that we are “Children of God” (3:1), he continues to point out that if we are sinning, then we do not have the seed of God in us. AND in verse 9, he writes “No one who is born of God will continue to sin.” Here our plight seems hopeless.

So John must be seeing things differently.  Perhaps from God’s perspective?  He must be talking about real HOPE (banking on something that is true, but just hasn’t happened YET) hope that we that some day we will be completely sanctified—made perfect.  John says that we are CHILDREN of God, we are still growing in Christ being perfected, but not yet there.  Surely, God already sees us for what we will be, not as we are, as He sees us through Christ’s sacrifice.

John is further encouraging us, while we are here on earth, to continue to fight the good fight of faith against the powers of this world with the Power of God, in us, as we are in Christ


For those who may be complacent:

Because Jesus laid down His life for us, we ought to lay down our lives for others.

Can others see the love of God in us if we don’t help each other with more than just words, but actions?

Are we resembling Christ more & more as we “grow up” in him?

For those who are weary:

We can set our hearts at rest in His presence—drink that in.

He sees you not for who you think you are, but as His precious child in Christ.

He has given you the Power of the Holy Spirit—the same power which rose Jesus from the dead.


Oh Lord, it gives me GREAT peace that you have called us Children of God—and such we are!  And this, in spite of what we do.  Help me to remember that you have lavished your love upon me.  I want to live-up to this heritage, to make you proud, to have my life bring glory to you, but I fall so short, so often and need to ask for forgiveness—forgiveness that you have already given me.  Thank you Lord.  Help me walk and talk and act like your child & help me grow-up to be just like you.  Thank you for your patience with me.

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