1 John


Karen Asselin


John 1:1-51



  • Jesus has always existed and took part in creation & in fact--in Him is LIFE and this life shines light in the darkness…and the darkness (us maybe) didn’t “get it”.
  • John the Baptist introduced Jesus to the people.
  • Jesus came to his own people, to dwell among us; but many did not know him—but to those who did receive him, he gave the right to become “Children of God”
  • He came to bring grace and truth and to explain God—Jesus is that explanation.


  • When the Pharisees question John the Baptist about his identity, he humbly says, “I am not the Christ” and says he is only baptizing with water, but the one who is coming, and has already come into the world, will baptize with the Holy Spirit.
  • This is the “Chosen One” whom the Pharisees do not know, It is He. John says that he, himself, is not even worthy to untie His (Jesus) sandal.
  • The next day, when Jesus actually does come walking up, John announces, “behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” And further testifies: “this is the Son of God.” Thus begins Jesus public ministry.


  • Because of the testimony of John, two of those standing around decided to follow Jesus! They wanted to go where he was going & stay where He was staying.
  • Andrew, one of the two, right away finds his brother Peter and tells him “We have found the Messiah” AND THEN Peter follows Jesus.
  • The next day, Jesus travels to Galilee & finds Philip and says “Follow Me”  and he does! But when Philip tells his brother Nathanael (meaning a gift from God) he doesn’t think anything good could come from Nazareth (meaning separate, crowned) but Philip doesn’t give up.
  • He says, “Come and see!”  and when Nathanael comes, Jesus already knows all about him & Nathan believes! Jesus lets them know that this is just the beginning!


If LIFE is IN Jesus, we need not look ANYWHERE else.  He is the true light and if we are his children, then we need to be a light to this dark world that doesn’t yet know Him, with grace & truth.

Are we doing our part to introduce Jesus to others?

Is our testimony strong enough, like John the Baptist’s, to make others follow Jesus?

Are we urging like Philip did to invite others to “Come and see” when they are skeptical?


God help me to be a risk-taker with this amazing gift that you have given me—an heir to Your thrown—a precious child of Yours.  Help me to be a light in the darkness, full of Grace, so that Jesus is attractive to others.  I want to introduce more of my colleagues to Jesus.  Help me to share my testimony with them through the way I live AND my words so that they will follow Jesus.  Lord, make me bold this week to ask others to “Come & See” that the LORD is good.

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