1 Corinthians 8:1-8


1 Corinthians 8:1-8


  • Paul now tackles the question the Corinth’s had about whether they should eat food that at one time had been offered to a false god
  • Paul starts with a caution that knowledge is attainable and often leads to pride
  • Building others up in love is better than being right
  • Knowing God is more important than what you know
  • With those principles in place Paul now addresses the question of meat offered to idols
  • First fact, there is no God but The God and therefore the idols are not God
  • There are many who use the title god or lord, whether humans in this world or spirits in the unseen world (demons).
  • But there is only one God who created both the seen and unseen
  • We exist for God.
  • There is one Lord and he is Jesus Christ who all things came into existence through
  • We exist because of Jesus
  • Jesus is God
  • Even though the above are facts, not every Christian has this knowledge yet
  • Many used to offer meat to these “gods” or idols and worship them as a god with real authority and power
  • And so eating that meat now seems wrong because they believe that the meat belongs to that god or idol
  • However, Paul says that food itself does not make us right or wrong before the one true God


The way Paul approaches this subject is very interesting. Before answering their question directly he states a principle. The principle is that in being “right”, a Christian could end up in the wrong. Sometimes it is more important to encourage and support a brother or sister in Christ than to be “right” about certain truths. After laying this foundation he gives the truth that the one true God trumps every false religion and their so called gods. Whether the god be man-made or a demon in disguise, they both were created by the Father and through the Son and therefore amount to nothing. Therefore, they have no real power of blessing or curse in the food offered to them. Though this is the truth, it is evident from Paul’s first principle that he, in the last part of this chapter, is going to take this truth in another direction. In short, Paul challenges the modern day Christian who uses their Bible knowledge to “put people in their place.” It seems Paul is saying that the sin of pride that comes from certain knowledge is often worse than the error we are pointing out to others.


Father, forgive me for using my Biblical knowledge as a way to make myself look and feel better. I am a prideful man, and I want to grow in Your humility. Help me grow as an encourager who truly loves my brothers and sisters in Christ. Give me the wisdom to know when knowledge will help someone and when it just serves my own purpose of making me look smart. Thank you for Your patience with me as I grow. May I become more like You. In Jesus Name I Pray, AMEN.

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