1 Corinthians 7


Dave Bruechert


1 Corinthians 7:1 - 40


- Paul is addressing the matters they wrote him about. He doesn’t say what the questions were, but the answers address sex, marriage and divorce. In some cases he gives a command from the Lord, but in others he gives advice from himself.
- Sex belongs between a man and a woman in marriage. You should fulfill this marital duty and not deprive each other for long, lest Satan tempt you. Each yields the authority over your own body to the other.
- If you aren’t married, it’s good to stay that way, as Paul is. If you cannot control yourself and burn with passion, you should get married.
- The Lord commands that husband and wife must not divorce, but be reconciled. If you do divorce then you are to remain unmarried. From what he says later, this appears to be directed toward two Christians that are married to each other.
- Paul says that if you are married to someone who isn’t a Christian and they are willing to stay married, do not divorce. Your family is sanctified (blessed) if you stay. If the unbelieving spouse leaves, then you are not bound to the marriage.
- You should live as a believer in whatever situation the Lord gives you. Do not seek to change it whether you are Jew or Gentile, slave or free.
- Paul says if you are planning to marry, do not seek to be released. If you aren’t planning to marry, don’t seek to do so. It isn’t a sin to marry or to not marry. Being married comes with many troubles.
- Time is short. You should move your focus from being only on our family, emotions and possessions because the world is passing away.
- If you aren’t married, you can be more focused on the work of the Lord. Married people are concerned about pleasing their spouse. He says this for your own good, not to restrict us, but be devoted to the Lord.
- If your passions are strong toward someone, you should get married. He reiterates that it’s not a sin to get married. If you decide not to get married, that’s also the right thing. It is good to marry, but better to not get married.
- If your spouse dies, you are free to remarry as long as the new spouse is a Christian. Paul says it’s better to not remarry.


At least 5 times in this passage Paul says that it’s better to be single than married. The repetition means this is an important point. The point of staying single is that you can be more effective in your service to the Lord than if you have more on your plate by being married. I ponder what this means for me since I’m already married. I need to have the attitude of Paul, trying to share the gospel with those who are lost.


Father, help me to have a heart for the lost. Help me to see the opportunities you put before me to share your love and truth to them.

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