1 Corinthians 6:12-20


1 Corinthians 6:12-20


  • Paul quotes am attitude that the Corinthians had, “All things are lawful for me”
  • This statement probably is in regard to the fact that they were no longer under the law.
  • Paul states that though they are not under the law they are to do those things that are to their profit (Christ like thins)
  • He also states that though they are not under the law they are to make sure that nothing masters them (except Christ).
  • The body the Lord is given us is not intended for immorality (things that are not Godly), but rather our bodies were intended to serve our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Our bodies now have the ability to please God because our spirit was made new by the same power that raised Jesus from the dead
  • Now our bodies belong to Christ
  • We wouldn’t take something that belongs to Christ and give it to a prostitute.
  • When you have sex with someone you’re souls are joined just as God said it would be in Genesis.
  • Because of this if you give your body to a prostitute you are giving what belongs to Christ to the prostitute.
  • Because we have put our faith in Jesus we are joined with Him.
  • Therefore, we should live the kind of life in our bodies that bring Him honor and glory
  • Sexual sin is a joining of souls and not just bodies which makes sexual sin even more dangerous
  • The Holy Spirit now resides in us, it is the place that God has taken up residence like the Holy of Holies in the Temple
  • Christ paid for us with his own broken body and blood.
  • In thanks, we should honor Him and bring Him glory with our bodies.


It seems that the Christians in Corinth had taken God’s wonderful grace to such an extreme that they were teaching that once you came to faith in Jesus it didn’t matter how you lived. They believed that you could have Jesus and live the old way at the same time, specifically when it came to seeing a religious prostitute. Paul rejects this idea. He affirms that we are saved by grace, but says that we shouldn’t live in a way that takes advantage of grace, but in a way that is the most profitable to our soul and in a way that doesn’t let anything become our master other than Christ. He argues that though our bodies will eventually be done away with, that when Christ redeemed our soul he also redeemed the right to be honored with our bodies. Not only does our soul belong to Jesus but our bodies do as well. And because of that we need to strive to bring glory to Christ and honor Him with our bodies.

One of the strongest point here is the unique place that sexual sin is in the life of a person because it involves not only the flesh but the soul as well. In this day and age of rapid pornography, cheap sex, and adultery it is important that Christians continue to resist this damaging sin. It not only dishonors the sacrifice of Christ, but it continues to damage the soul that Christ paid for with His own blood.


Father, forgive me for taking advantage of Your grace and not taking Christ’s sacrifice more serious. Would you open my eyes to places that I might need to root out sin that I have turned a blind eye to? Help me lead Your church in a way that we resist sin that so easily entangles us. Help those that have been ensnared in sexual sin, give them the courage to confess, and begin the process of rooting it out of their lives. May we more and more offer ourselves as a living sacrifice in service to You. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

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