1 Corinthians 3


Eric Keener


1 Corinthians 3


· They are spiritual infants
· They were only able to handle milk
· Jealousy and strife are indicators of the spiritual immaturity
· Each of us has a task, but anyone who is successful at their task is nothing for it is God who makes the work happen
· We should be careful of the foundation that we build on. If it is anything but Jesus, the foundation is nothing.
· Only the valuable work that has been done will endure. Anything that is done with straw or hay will be burned.
· Any work that makes it through the fire will succeed and be rewarded
· Do not do the work that destroys people, for you will be destroyed.
· Be humble
· We should not boast in the works we have done in men, for only God is to be praised for the works that are yielded in a man’s life.


· I need to make sure that approach God’s work humbly, so I don’t think that I am ready before I am really ready, lest my work be burned up in the fire.
· My spiritual work seems to be made manifest in other people, which means I need to invest my time in others in a productive, lasting way.
· Meanwhile, the work that is accomplished is not by my own doing, rather God’s doing; for nothing I do is outside the simple task assigned to me.
· Any work that is done is done on the foundation of grace and of the gospel, which means I need to keep a renewed mind of the true purpose of my efforts.
· I should not consider myself mature in my efforts, rather just a simple servant of Christ who dwells in me.
· As I lead, I should lead others in a manner worthy of the cross.
· Even the wisest of people need to humble themselves before God. Always consider how our accomplishments are signs of the Gospel’s power.


Dear Father,
It is only because You have loved me, and only because You are holy that You have allowed me to work in Your fields. Please teach me to see how frequently I step foot in those fields and how often there are opportunities to plant and water seeds. I do believe that we are assigned tasks and I pray, Lord, that You will teach me to recognize opportunities to share Your Gospel and disciple Your followers. I pray that all of Your students will not be the type of people who only accept milk, but grow in such a way that they can eat meat and grow strong!

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1. Jim Asselin wrote:
Eric, your comment........ My spiritual work seems to be made manifest in other people, which means I need to invest my time in others in a productive, lasting way......challenged me. It's the busyness of life that robs that time, and much of that busyness will get burned up when God takes what will last. I have found that deliberately approaching my day with margin often allows the Holy Spirit to whisper to me about those imperishable conversations and moments that He sets up. I pray that God will further refine this discipline in my life so that it is my spiritual worship to him as described in Romans 12.
May it be so.

Mon, March 30, 2015 @ 8:12 AM

2. Amy Hernandez wrote:
Investing in others--that challenged me as well. Thank you so much for that. Also, what spoke to me in this chapter was when Paul asks "Who is Apollos?" "Who is Paul?" No doubt they were great men of faith, and yet the power and growth was only from God. I think at times we find a preacher or leader or even a loved one with whom we really identify and whom we admire, and then we latch on to them and our faith sort of becomes dependent on theirs. I have seen that in my life. But Paul reminds us that it is not about a bestselling book or your best friend, but it is the Lord who grows us. I pray that my faith would always be about God, that I would not put people on the pedestal where Jesus alone must be.

Mon, March 30, 2015 @ 6:33 PM

3. Rob Schulze wrote:
"as the Lord has assigned to each his task" - Eric, thanks for highlighting this as it's easy to see the many needs and tasks all over the world and yet the Lord assigns to each of us our tasks for which we will be judged.

Father, may we be faithful to hear your voice well and to be faithful to carry out what you have assigned to each of us. In Jesus name

Wed, April 1, 2015 @ 6:54 AM

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