1 Corinthians 15:12-34


1 Corinthians 15:12-34


  • Paul wants to know why some folks are saying that there is no life after death (resurrection) since all the apostles have been teaching there is.
  • He points out that if there is no bodily resurrection then Christ Himself was not raised from the dead
  • And if Christ didn’t raise from the dead then their message is pointless as well as the faith of those who believed the message
  • Paul and the apostles would be liars because they have all sworn that they saw the resurrected Jesus
  • If Christ was not raised then the result would be that their belief in Jesus’ sacrifice would be worthless, and they would have to pay the penalty for their own sins, and those Christians who have died will eternally be separated from God
  • If they were to follow Jesus just because he was a good person who did not raise from the dead, then all their sacrifice and suffering for His sake would be a pitiful life.
  • But in fact Christ did raise from the dead and he is just the first of many
  • Just as death came to all mankind through Adam, resurrection from that death can come to mankind through Jesus
  • Christ raised first, but eventually all those who are in Christ will also raise
  • At that time God’s kingdom will be established and all other kingdoms will end
  • Jesus will reign until all enemies are subjected to him, and the very last enemy will be death itself
  • Paul suffers and presses on because he is looking forward to his own resurrection
  • If it weren’t for that hope, Paul would live by the motto, “Let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die.”
  • Paul warns them not to be deceived by those teaching there is no resurrection
  • They need to stop living as if there is no eternity, and instead live this life for the reward of the next.


The bodily resurrection of Jesus is the center of our Christian faith. Because Christ rose from the dead, as the scriptures said he would, we know that what he said is true and that he is God. Because Christ rose, we can have certainty that our sins are forgiven, and that he represents us before God. Best of all because he rose and defeated death, we know we will also be raised.

Christians are convinced that Jesus' resurrection is a historical event, and that it changed everything. The Christian faith comes from Christ's experience, not people's individual feelings or desires. The conviction of the Resurrection gives us believers hope for the future. If death ends it all, enjoying the moment would be all that matters. But Christians know that life continues beyond the grave and that life on earth is only a preparation for our life that will never end. What we do today matters for eternity. In light of eternity, sin is a foolish gamble. Our belief in the resurrection will affect our view of the future. It ought to also affect how we live today.


Father, I believe that Jesus lived and died as a payment for my sins. I believe He raised from the dead, and offers me a new life not only in the now but into eternity. Lord, help me live my life based on what I believe. May each day not just be about the now, but the eternity I will spend with You in my own renewed resurrected body. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

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