1 Corinthians 15:1-11


1 Corinthians 15:1-11


  • Paul wants to make sure they are clear about the good news he shared with them at that they are now to be living by
  • By this good news they will be saved if they follow through with their initial steps of faith
  • Paul shared the good news with them as it was shared with him.
  • The good news is
    • Jesus died for their sins as the Scriptures said he would
    • Jesus was buried
    • Jesus was raised from the dead as the Scriptures said he would
    • Jesus appeared to many as proof of His resurrection
  • Jesus appeared to
    • Peter
    • The rest of Jesus close disciples
    • 500 others (who the Corinthians could talk to now to get personal testimony)
    • James
    • Apostles (other than the twelve)
    • Paul
  • Paul is an apostle, but considers himself the least of the apostles because he persecuted the church
  • Even so, Paul is saved by Grace
  • Because of this he labors hard to share the good news because he doesn’t want God’s grace to him to be in vain
  • He acknowledges his efforts are really God’s work in him, and not his own
  • Whoever they heard the message of the good news from, it was the same, and it is the message they are now saved by (saved from death, eternal separation from God)


The struggles in the Corinthian church made it clear to Paul that they needed to refocus their attention on the good news that they believed in the first place. In the hustle and bustle of life, and the complexities of a growing faith, it is often beneficial to return to the heart of it all. The simple message that God provided a way unto Himself through Jesus. Jesus died for our sins (He paid a price that we would never be able to). Jesus was buried (He was really dead), but raised from the dead (He showed His power over death and the power available to us in our own resurrection to new life). This resurrection wasn’t just a story but happened as many witnesses were able to attest to. This simple message of God’s grace can turn the worst of sinners, those farthest from the heart of God, to a place of blessing and peace with God. In turn, those saved by grace lay their own lives down to serve the One who laid His own life down for them.


May my life be a living testimony, a living sacrifice, to the One who first sacrificed Himself for me! AMEN

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