1 Corinthians 10:6-13


1 Corinthians 10:6-13


  • Paul says that the events in the Old Testament were recorded as an example for us today
  • He specifically references God’s people in the desert who experienced God but missed the Promised Land because they craved evil things rather than trust God.
  • Paul warns them not to crave evil things as they once did
  • Paul warns them not to do as God’s people did when they said they were worshipping God but in reality they were worshipping the idol of a golden calf and then indulged in pleasures of the flesh (Exodus 32:6)
  • Paul warns not to be like God’s people who had unmarried sex with Midianite women, who were acting as idol prostitutes, and God sent a plague that killed many of them (Numbers 24:1-8).
  • Paul warns not to be like God’s people who had forgotten how good God had been to them and continued to complain about not having enough and God allowed poisonous snakes to roam freely among them (Numbers 21:4-6).
  • Paul warns not to be like God’s people who spoke rebelliously against God’s appointed leaders, Moses and Aaron, and many died (Numbers 16:41-49).
  • These things were written about God’s people of old to be a warning for those of us that live in this time of grace through Christ.
  • Conclusion, it is great that a Christian stand in God’s grace, but they must also work not to fall
  • There is nothing we face today in temptation that others before us haven’t experienced
  • And God is faithful to deliver us from temptation
  • God will not allow His people to be tempted beyond what He knows they could stand up to
  • If God allows for a Christian to be tempted He will always provide a way for them to get out of the situation so they won’t be overwhelmed by it


Paul warns the Christians of Corinth by reminding them that God’s people in the past have experienced God’s blessing and then turned right around and given in to the cravings they had before God’s grace showed up in their lives. The things recorded in the Old Testament are for our good. We need to learn from them so we don’t repeat the past. We stand in God’s grace and He has done miraculous things in our lives, but we must stay diligent or we could fall back into the cravings of the flesh that were destroying us in the first place. Temptation is going to happen to all people, both Christian and non-Christian. But for the Christian we have the Holy Spirit who lives in us that will provide a way for us to resist and avoid acting on the temptation. Therefore, we must be in step with the Holy Spirit in every moment and follow His lead. God doesn’t guarantee that He will keep us from our own decision to wreck ourselves. He simply promises to provide an option and the strength to take that option out if we want it. Our commitment is to follow when He leads. I can’t ignore God’s warnings and directions when I am encountering temptation, and then complain to God for not delivering me when I get caught in the old snare of my old life. This is why Paul is warning the Corinth Christians. Stay diligent, walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, avoid even the smallest likeness of the old life, and God will lead you to His abundance.


Father, forgive me for complaining when I play with fire and get burned. You have been good in my life, and have provided plenty of opportunity for me to avoid the things that trip me up. Help me grow in diligence and focus in following You. Help me discern Your voice early so I don’t pass up the way out You are providing. Give me strength to follow and trust You. I want Your best. I pray for more of You in my life and less of my old self. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

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